Kuwait, the city in Arabian Gulf in Middle East

Kuwait, the city in Arabian Gulf in Middle East surprises tourists with its numerous skyscrapers, well manicured parks/ gardens and glittering shopping spaces.

With stunning Kuwait Tower decking its sky, the city is adding another dimension to its personality as a tourism destination. Due to its business potential tourists often book first class flights to Kuwait where they can explore business options.

But besides its great oil fortune the city state is also home to some great tourist options. We are enlisting them so that you can discover it during you sojourn to Kuwait.

Aqua Park

Aqua Park, the first water park of the region provides great options of entertainment for the tourists on a family vacation. The tourists should visit this part to take part in various fun activities.

Aqua Park
Photo source: – Wikimedia

Dhow Harbor

Dhow Harbor offers a peek into the activities of yore. To get a more authentic experience the tourists can come to visit the ship named “Fateh El-Kheir” which offers an insight to the shipping and trading when the city hadn’t stuck gold with search of oil.

Dickson House

Dickson House is the place where the first British political agent in Kuwait lived. The house has been renovated and opened for public; tourists often visit this house to have a peek into the 19th century architecture of this region.

Dickson House
Photo source: – Geolocation

Doha Village

Doha Village was the site where Dhows and boats were constructed manufacturing unit. The tourists can buy traditional miniatures of dhows for souvenirs.

Doha Village
Photo source: – Wikimedia

Failaka Heritage Village

Failaka Heritage Village transports you to Kuwait of former times. On your tours to this Heritage Village you will get to see the ancient lifestyle of this region. If interested you can also stay there and live out the life. Tourists will also get a chance to ride horses or camels.

Failaka Island

Blessed with natural beauty and rich in history Failaka Island is the place that combines the ancient and the modern history of the city. With several landmarks dotting this landscape the tourists are sure to get enthralled.

Green Island

Green Island

Green Island is an oasis in Mirage and defies the notion of Kuwait as a desert country. The island rapped in green is the place where tourists can take advantage of latest communication facilities.

Kuwait Towers

Want to catch the panoramic view of the city from a vantage point and looking for a palace, you should climb up to Kuwait Towers which offers stunning view of the city. The tower is also well known for its incredible Architecture.

Apart from these the city is home to some breathtaking beaches, museums and other tourist attractions. So come to visit this place boarding a first class flight to Kuwait and enjoy visiting these places of tourist interest.


Lufthansa Announce Improvements to Business and First Class Cabin

As of last week, Lufthansa have upgraded their in-flight dining service on both and long-haul flights for Business and First Class passengers. The improvements began from May 1st and cabin staffs have been providing exceptional service to passengers in both classes since; the upgrades to the in-flight products include new creative menus created by Michelin star chefs, new ideas for table service, quality tableware and other details that heighten the level of sophistication.

Lufthansa’s First Class cabin has received much praise over recent months including receiving top marks for the Skytrax Star Ranking. The airline has already implemented plans to offer guests a new range of culinary delights on flights from Germany. The ‘Culinary Delights’ programme is the airline’s advancement on the current Star Chef service which sees the airline serve menus created by renowned local chefs. The ‘Culinary Delights’ programme will use the expertise of chefs who have at least two Michelin stars or a distinction that is equally comparable. Menus will be changing on a bi-monthly rotation.

First class cabin

image source:- smh

First Class will be able to indulge in a caviar service, a separate course on both evening and day flights. Canapés will be available for passengers to enjoy on each flight, instead of the traditional single appetiser. To ensure the service emulates the epitome of fine dining, First Class passengers can enjoy their meal on exclusive tableware with a new design and served with a small bowl of olive oil, individual pots for both pepper and salt and glass carafes filled with fresh water.

Business Class dining has also undergone a revamp; the new menu now includes a wider variety of dishes, beverages and pastries with the freshest ingredients. The menu now caters for each and every taste and includes a new selection of teas, a greater choice of juices, fresh milk for coffee and tea as well as two new beers – dark beer and wheat beer. New cutlery and china are also being added to the service to make dining in-flight a grander experience.

Passengers on all routes will be able to experience the new and improved quality of in-flight dining. Business Class passengers will also be guaranteed a full meal when they board flights operating within Europe and specifically Germany. None of the luxury is spared on short-haul flights as napkins, china, new wine glasses and coffee mugs are also available making sure that no passenger misses the delights of fine dining and quality service. Flights over 76 minutes will be given a sweet treat to finish off the meal such as ice cream or fruit.

flight dining

image source :- myamusedbouche

Further improvements to the in-flight services include a new range of hygiene and care products. They will be available to passengers in the First and Business Class washrooms exclusively on the long-haul flights. The products are well known, brand-name products and cosmetics that are intended to enable First and Business Class passengers to freshen up before flying on to their destination.

The luxury services that Lufthansa provide for their First Class passengers is not exclusive to on-board the airline’s aircrafts; the airline have created airport lounges in Germany, New York and Austria that provide passengers with a place to rest and freshen up before departing. Frankfurt is home to the airline’s First Class Terminal, whilst Munich, Frankfurt, Zurich, Geneva, Dusselforf, Vienna and New York all have designated First Class lounges and areas.

luxury services

image source:- superyachts

The First Class Terminal at Frankfurt offers a range of services and products including a Wining & Dining Area where guests can enjoy a cocktail with a dish from the a la carte menu or buffet. There are also several bathroom facilities, office units with internet access and a relaxation area equipped with comfortable armchairs and sofas.