Feasting on Maldivian cuisine: Dishes I intend to try

Maldives is an island and one which is just too beautiful to not to visit. While the beauty of the beaches is a feast good enough for your hungry eyes, if your belly begins to rumble and grumble, then you can always look forward to some delicious dishes which the island is doomed to serve you. Being a fish person that I am, I take pleasure in the thoughts of booking Maldives holiday packagessomeday. The reason is simple and one which you must have already guessed. Maldives is a destination for a seafood junk which I am (I admit with no guilt). The sea is a readymade source for different types of fishes which inevitably form an integral part of the Maldivian cuisine.

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Apart from fishes, other delectable sea creatures are also on the foodie’s list of must-try outs. However, it is the tuna which is the top ranker in almost all the menus of all the local eateries. Maldivian cuisine is traditionally very much inclined in the favor of rice, fish and coconut. In fact, these three items pretty much sum up the local cuisine of the island. However, of late, the country has been heavily influenced by international cuisines. Therefore, what we see these days is a delicious mix of local and foreign dishes which are readily available in most reputed restaurants.

‘Mas Huni’ is one favorite item which I have promised my digestive glands the day I land in this country. Though the recipe is available on the internet, it is hard for a male person like me to decipher and then to reiterate the meaning here in this short post. But what is clear and deliciously so is the fact that the dish is prepared with tuna and coconut (they are good enough for me)!


Kulhimas or Chilli Tuna is another item which I intend to dig into. It is a spicy form of tuna fish and though I have an aversion to spice, I would take a departure from my usual norm and try it out in any case.

Garudhiya is a delicious-sounding fish soup which is another item you should order without a second thought. In case you want to give the fish a miss, you can sink into HanduluBondibai which is a sweet form of sticky rice.

I am not a very wealthy person. But with cheap holiday packages to Maldives being so invitingly available, my hopes are getting high. Pretty soon, that tuna fish would be floating inside my mouth. And then I would come back again with another post about Maldivian cuisine. Till then, ciao!