Major Tourist Attractions in Perth

Perth, the capital city of Western Australia has become a tourist favourite with its wonderful weather, breathtaking beaches and laidback lifestyle. This most isolated capital city in the world has added diversity with its immigrant population. This seaside city of Australia is home to a number of tourist attractions and adventurous activities. With its multicultural population and myriad shopping and nightlife options, the city has acquired a cosmopolitan character.


Here, we are dishing out information on major tourists attractions of Perth.

Kings Park  

Kings Park is a treat for nature lovers. The tourists can explore this park on a guided tour where they can see several manicured garden and have fun with their families. With several picnic spots, the park is a playground for tourists of all ages.

Kings Park

Kings Park (Photo credit: Mark, Vicki, Ellaura and Mason)

Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo plays a perfect host to the wildlife enthusiasts with its 1,300 native and exotic animals. This zoo is highly acclaimed for its breeding programs for endangered and rare animal species.

Scitech Discovery Center

Tourists with scientific temper should visit Scitech Discovery Center, which also houses Australia’s largest planetarium. The center with several science performances and puppet shows is a perfect place to get entertained.

Museum of Western Australia

Museum of Western Australia houses several things you can’t find elsewhere. The museum showcases dinosaur fossils, stone-age tools, meteorites, preserved vertebrates and invertebrates. The Discovery Center at the Museum of Western Australia runs interactive programs that interests young people and adults. The museum is perfect place for family vacationers.

Perth Mint

Perth Mint (Photo credit: Kristjan Wager)

Perth Mint is one of the oldest mints in operations. Here the tourist can see the world’s largest gold bar exhibition and Australia’s largest natural nugget collection. Those with a love for yellow metal should visit this place.

The Bell Tower

The Bell Tower houses one of the largest musical instruments on earth. The bell tower was specially built to house the bells of Saint Martin in the Fields Church.  Situated near Swan River, the Bell Tower is an architectural masterpiece.

Caversham Wildlife Park

Caversham Wildlife Park is an ideal place to see native animals in Australia. Here, animal lovers can spot animals like kolas, kangaroos, quokkas, emus, camels, dingoes and more. The park with paved pathways and wheelchairs and pram facilities is also a disabled friendly wildlife park.
Adventure World

Adventure World is an ideal place for family vacations. This most amazing amusement park with over 30 thrill rides, waterslides and Kids Cove is highly coveted among kids.

Fremantle Prison

Fremantle Prison (Photo credit: Ishmael F Ahab)

Fremantle Prison that was operational till 1991 is a World Heritage building now. The tourists can visit this prison for an amazing experience.  The visitors can enjoy a tunnel tour adventure.

Rockingham Wild Encounters

Tourists should embark on Rockingham Wild Encounters that offers ferry service to stunning Penguin Island. Here one can spot little penguins in its natural setting.

The city of Perth may not be as stunning Sydney and Melbourne but it certainly has a distinct aura.  Search and book cheap flights to Perth from London Gatwick and explore these amazing tourist attractions.