Chand Baori is a famous stepwell located in the village of Abhaneri near Jaipur in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is situated opposite of the Harshat Mata Temple and was constructed in the 9th century. Chand Baori consits of 3,500 narrow steps over 13 storeys. It extends approximately 100 ft into the ground making it one of the deepest and largest stepwells in India.Chand Baoli Step-well, Rajasthan, India

The Infamous India StepWells


Summer Festivals of Toronto, Plan Your Trip for Maximum Entertainment

Torontonians know how to enjoy summer through festivals. They appreciate how short this season is, often starting around June and ending abruptly in mid September. But less than 4 months of good weather does not mean Torontonians prefer to hideaway in the backyards or cottages. They like to celebrate publicly. Variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds also contribute to why Toronto residents like festivals. People of Toronto are very proud of mixed cultures they represent, they are also proud of human rights Canada provided and festivals are just one way to celebrate these facts. If you plan to travel to Toronto in the summer you will too, be very pleased to become part of one famous Toronto festival.

√ June Festivals

Pride Parade June 21-30, 2013

Toronto is one of the first cities in the world to have Pride Parade regularly every year. First Pride Parade was held here in 1972. Gay rights are very strong in Toronto with them having practically equal rights of expression, religion, civic rights (marriage and adoption) etc. Pride Parade is to celebrate these basic freedoms. It is one of the most expressive festivals in Toronto, the loudest music and most colorful procession. Pride Parade is usually scheduled for Saturday of Pride Week. Exact date and time of the parade is still to be determined.

Toronto Jazz Festival June 20-29

Jazz has become for many a major summer festival of Toronto. It is by far the most cultural, family event that gathers thousands of musicians from around the world. Among bands you will frequently see Hollywood celebrities such as Steve Martin, but also among visitors. Festivals attracts half a million visitors every year. Performances take place through out the city restaurants, venues and streets. Tickets can be purchased on site or online via Toronto Jazz Festival official website.

Dragon Boat Festival June 22-23

This year it will be 25th Dragon Boat competition event in Toronto. If you have children you will very much enjoy this event that takes place on Centre Island. It is expected that in 2013 over 200 teams will compete. Dragon Boat racing is a Chinese tradition, but because of the uniqueness of the idea that is based on art, competitive spirit and music, many non-Chinese teams participate each year.

 √ July Events

Honda Indy July 12-14

is for car racing lovers. Professional moto racing event that gathers majority of international racing stars is not to miss. Racing takes place on the streets of Toronto, mostly around Exhibition Place. Live entertainment, good food and fun is guaranteed.

Caribana or The Caribbean Carnival Toronto Festival

(last week of July) will be celebrating it’s 44th year this year. The idea is based on Brazilian Rio de Janeiro festival and parade to celebrate the freedom, culture, music and summer. Parade is a colorful procession of well dressed and rehearsed teams of dancers dressed in Caribbean inspired costumes. Great even for families.

√ August Festives

Taste of Danforth August 9-11

This is a Greek Festival featuring greek traditional music, entertainment and food! This is a great family event that attracts over 20 percent of entire Toronto population. It is one of the most attended street festivals of Toronto. You really need to come and see what Greek fun has to offer.

Toronto Buskerfest August 22-25

Buskerfest is a niche street festival showcasing international talent of acrobatics, acting and creative street entertainment. One of the best family events for all ages. Enjoy good food, drinks and a large variety of street acts. Good mood guaranteed!

Author of this article, Nancy Schneider, lives in Toronto. She writes about the city, world travel, shopping, fashion and tips for buying sunglasses online with free shipping to Toronto.

Toronto, a Food Heaven

Toronto is the fourth largest city in North America, only smaller than New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. With it’s size it is one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world. But unlike many travel rivals, Toronto does not have a food problem. In fact, Toronto is a food heaven. Reason – presence of any cultural food cooked by actual first generation immigrants at a low price. There is absolutely no developed city in the world that has this many Indian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Eastern European, Italian, French and American restaurants operated by people who were actually born (and learnt how to cook) in those countries. So what are the major factors that make Toronto a Food Heaven?

 Food Variety Everywhere

Another beautiful thing about Toronto’s food is that you will find a restaurant of each type in practically any area of the city. You don’t need to travel to Markham to eat Chinese or to Brampton to eat Indian. Whenever you are staying, just tell a hotel clerk what food you feel like that day and you will get plenty of recommendations within minutes from where you are. One explanation to this variety is that Canadians love to go out. It is estimated that average Canadian of any age, or family size, goes out on average twice a week. To go out this often, people need variety.

 Low Price

What to expect in terms of prices? Well, this is another beauty about Toronto. Price and quality not necessarily go hand in hand. Generally food quality is high everywhere due to very rigorous food inspection regulations. In Toronto a chef will never be able to bribe himself out of random inspection and one red tag can literally mean a career. Price varies based on interior of the restaurant really. In many cases it comes down to how much owners spent on renovations. If you care more for a friendly atmosphere that posh walls, an average dinner will cost you $15-20 per person not including alcohol. For this price you will be getting extra large size of meal, always. In Toronto everything is big, including restaurant entrees. You will be full for your $15 guaranteed.


In Toronto for the cost of food you will be also getting unlimited drinking water. Yes, tap water if free in Toronto, no matter how much you order. Tap water is absolutely clean and safe, in fact here, no one calls is tap water. We call it just “water”, and we don’t mean a bottle of mineral water like in Italy of UK. We literally mean normal drinking water. In many cases water will be even served with lemon and ice. In Chinese restaurants you can request green tea and it also will be served free of charge. Tea in addition to water, go ahead and ask for both! In many Japanese restaurants (warning, more common outside of downtown), you will also be getting a free miso soup. Whenever soup is not free, you can get it for $1 or $1.50 per bowl as in Japanese food, miso soup is not regarded a course, it is almost like a tea – a comforter. Freshly baked bread is common in European restaurants, also served free of charge.


Now, don’t you dare to complain about restaurant service in Toronto. Of course there are exceptions, but on the large scale comparing to 20 most visited cities in the world, Toronto restaurant service is superb. Reason – wait staff is compensated minimum wage salary ($10.25 per hour, quite high!) in addition to tips. Wait staff actually makes a very good money here, so they are generally very happy to have this job. Plus, as you will quickly find out, “Canadians are nice”. You will never see a grin on you waitress face, nor you will get a note on your bill complaining for low or no tip. Tips are not a must. If you leave none, you will still be thanked and welcomed back. Of course, I urge you to leave a tip, but I just wanted to make a point that you will be getting equally good service regardless.

Author of this article, Nancy Schneider, lives in Toronto. She writes about the city, world travel, shopping, fashion and tips for buying Kliik glasses online with free shipping to Toronto.

Kuwait, the city in Arabian Gulf in Middle East

Kuwait, the city in Arabian Gulf in Middle East surprises tourists with its numerous skyscrapers, well manicured parks/ gardens and glittering shopping spaces.

With stunning Kuwait Tower decking its sky, the city is adding another dimension to its personality as a tourism destination. Due to its business potential tourists often book first class flights to Kuwait where they can explore business options.

But besides its great oil fortune the city state is also home to some great tourist options. We are enlisting them so that you can discover it during you sojourn to Kuwait.

Aqua Park

Aqua Park, the first water park of the region provides great options of entertainment for the tourists on a family vacation. The tourists should visit this part to take part in various fun activities.

Aqua Park
Photo source: – Wikimedia

Dhow Harbor

Dhow Harbor offers a peek into the activities of yore. To get a more authentic experience the tourists can come to visit the ship named “Fateh El-Kheir” which offers an insight to the shipping and trading when the city hadn’t stuck gold with search of oil.

Dickson House

Dickson House is the place where the first British political agent in Kuwait lived. The house has been renovated and opened for public; tourists often visit this house to have a peek into the 19th century architecture of this region.

Dickson House
Photo source: – Geolocation

Doha Village

Doha Village was the site where Dhows and boats were constructed manufacturing unit. The tourists can buy traditional miniatures of dhows for souvenirs.

Doha Village
Photo source: – Wikimedia

Failaka Heritage Village

Failaka Heritage Village transports you to Kuwait of former times. On your tours to this Heritage Village you will get to see the ancient lifestyle of this region. If interested you can also stay there and live out the life. Tourists will also get a chance to ride horses or camels.

Failaka Island

Blessed with natural beauty and rich in history Failaka Island is the place that combines the ancient and the modern history of the city. With several landmarks dotting this landscape the tourists are sure to get enthralled.

Green Island

Green Island

Green Island is an oasis in Mirage and defies the notion of Kuwait as a desert country. The island rapped in green is the place where tourists can take advantage of latest communication facilities.

Kuwait Towers

Want to catch the panoramic view of the city from a vantage point and looking for a palace, you should climb up to Kuwait Towers which offers stunning view of the city. The tower is also well known for its incredible Architecture.

Apart from these the city is home to some breathtaking beaches, museums and other tourist attractions. So come to visit this place boarding a first class flight to Kuwait and enjoy visiting these places of tourist interest.

Lufthansa Announce Improvements to Business and First Class Cabin

As of last week, Lufthansa have upgraded their in-flight dining service on both and long-haul flights for Business and First Class passengers. The improvements began from May 1st and cabin staffs have been providing exceptional service to passengers in both classes since; the upgrades to the in-flight products include new creative menus created by Michelin star chefs, new ideas for table service, quality tableware and other details that heighten the level of sophistication.

Lufthansa’s First Class cabin has received much praise over recent months including receiving top marks for the Skytrax Star Ranking. The airline has already implemented plans to offer guests a new range of culinary delights on flights from Germany. The ‘Culinary Delights’ programme is the airline’s advancement on the current Star Chef service which sees the airline serve menus created by renowned local chefs. The ‘Culinary Delights’ programme will use the expertise of chefs who have at least two Michelin stars or a distinction that is equally comparable. Menus will be changing on a bi-monthly rotation.

First class cabin

image source:- smh

First Class will be able to indulge in a caviar service, a separate course on both evening and day flights. Canapés will be available for passengers to enjoy on each flight, instead of the traditional single appetiser. To ensure the service emulates the epitome of fine dining, First Class passengers can enjoy their meal on exclusive tableware with a new design and served with a small bowl of olive oil, individual pots for both pepper and salt and glass carafes filled with fresh water.

Business Class dining has also undergone a revamp; the new menu now includes a wider variety of dishes, beverages and pastries with the freshest ingredients. The menu now caters for each and every taste and includes a new selection of teas, a greater choice of juices, fresh milk for coffee and tea as well as two new beers – dark beer and wheat beer. New cutlery and china are also being added to the service to make dining in-flight a grander experience.

Passengers on all routes will be able to experience the new and improved quality of in-flight dining. Business Class passengers will also be guaranteed a full meal when they board flights operating within Europe and specifically Germany. None of the luxury is spared on short-haul flights as napkins, china, new wine glasses and coffee mugs are also available making sure that no passenger misses the delights of fine dining and quality service. Flights over 76 minutes will be given a sweet treat to finish off the meal such as ice cream or fruit.

flight dining

image source :- myamusedbouche

Further improvements to the in-flight services include a new range of hygiene and care products. They will be available to passengers in the First and Business Class washrooms exclusively on the long-haul flights. The products are well known, brand-name products and cosmetics that are intended to enable First and Business Class passengers to freshen up before flying on to their destination.

The luxury services that Lufthansa provide for their First Class passengers is not exclusive to on-board the airline’s aircrafts; the airline have created airport lounges in Germany, New York and Austria that provide passengers with a place to rest and freshen up before departing. Frankfurt is home to the airline’s First Class Terminal, whilst Munich, Frankfurt, Zurich, Geneva, Dusselforf, Vienna and New York all have designated First Class lounges and areas.

luxury services

image source:- superyachts

The First Class Terminal at Frankfurt offers a range of services and products including a Wining & Dining Area where guests can enjoy a cocktail with a dish from the a la carte menu or buffet. There are also several bathroom facilities, office units with internet access and a relaxation area equipped with comfortable armchairs and sofas.

Things to do in Mauritius

Fancied by filmmakers and movie buffs alike, the breathtakingly beautiful island of Mauritius stands as lighthouse in azure waters of Indian Ocean. This one of the highly admired tourist destinations in the world could be the finest examples of unadulterated natural beauty and tourists keep pouring their love and admiration by taking flights to Mauritius. This darling destination hugged by Indian Ocean enchants tourists of every sort.

Here we are giving a lowdown on adventure options in Mauritius that add some indelible moments to your memory.

  • Deep sea fishing:

If you are someone with a love for deep sea fishing you have hit the gold by getting to Mauritius. And your hosts will be none other than sharks, yellow tuna, the Bonitos, the ‘emperor’, the ‘pélerin’, the ‘bécune’ or the barracuda. With some major world fishing records (IGFA) in its kitty, the destination is a Mecca for those want to have a hand on experience of deep sea fishing.


  • Quad biking:

If biking on a tour excites you then you should immediately book a flight to Mauritius where you can test your guts with adventurous Quad biking. Explore the most breathtaking landscape on a bike. So get set for a heart pounding experience.

Quad biking

  • In the lion’s den

Seeing a lion in the zoo is one thing and spotting it in its natural setting is another. But don’t get worried about your safety as there are enough measures to ensure your safety. Walk with the lion or observe the behaviour of lions you will enjoy the every moment of your trip. The tourists should visit Mauritius Safari Adventures and Casela Nature and Leisure Park where you can come closer with lions.

  • Zip-line rides:

If you need another shot of adventure you should opt for Zip Line rides. The experience will add spice up your tours. The rides allow you to cross river, trees and skyscrapers. Visit Casela Adventure Park and Saint Felix sugar estate in South Mauritius and give these adventurous stuffs a try.

Zip-line rides

  • Scuba diving:

The adventures in Mauritius don’t ends here, as its treasure is full of adventure options that include Scuba diving. With crystal clear ocean waters and standard safety measures the island of Mauritius has become one of the most sought after destinations for scuba diving.

If sky is the only limit for adventure activities for you than Mauritius could be an ideal place to explore as it offers you a chance to skydive at a height of 10,000ft. The whole experience is nothing sort of extraordinary.


  • Watch dolphins in their natural settings:

This trip is going to be one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have. Make a trip to Tamarin Beach, on the west coast where you can see black dolphins and long beaked dolphins in their natural settings.

Watch dolphins

Tourists book first class flights to Mauritius to explore the country which appears as a fairyland and has enough options to test your guts. So awake the adventurer in you and visit this destination which offers numerous gut testing activities to indulge in.

Discovering Thailand: Bangkok is not the sole destination

Thailand the name itself connotes dazzle, glitter and nightlife full of energy but it is only a half reality. Because the country has not so hyped things like Buddhist wats, tranquil destinations like Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. So if your idea of Thailand is all about glittering shopping malls of Thailand or exciting nightlife of Phuket and Pattaya you need to take a flight to Thailand where quaint Ciang Mai is waiting for your attention.

Bangkok: Glittering as ever

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, catches the imagination of even well travelled visitor. With so much on offer, in the forms of bustling nightlife and food the city generously rewards its visitors. It is the city where neon lit skyscrapers resides in sync with Buddhists Wats, swanky shopping malls shares space with religious places and a apart going youth talks to a monk. The new age development may have added more glitter to this already dazzling capital but no change has occurred in the cultural perceptions of its people. The city packs a punch with exhilarating contrasts. And this contrast is even evident in traffic. The roads might be jampakced with a sea of traffic but you can cut corners with boat ride. Bangkok is also a foodies’ paradise and it is hard to resist the whiff of the food coming out of restaurants.


Phuket: High on fun

Phuket, the island destination in Thailand is tourists’ paradise. Well known for its natural beauty and hedonistic charm the tourist destination attracts a large number visitor from around the world. Most of the tourists come here to spend some quality time at Patong, Kata and Karon. The island teeming with hotels, bars and restaurants has become popular with the tourists in recent years.


Chiang Mai: Desperate for glamour

Gone are the days when quaint and serene were the terms to describe Chiang Mai. This once sleepy town is not content with these nicknames anymore and seems to be inspired by the capital city Bangkok. The city seems to be in a hurry to add some elements of modernity to its fold. The town may not have evolved as a city but it has got all the hazards of the city like pollution and snarled up traffic. But tourists are advised to not get deterred by these things and go to explore the major tourist attractions of this place. The place dotted with temples exudes a spiritual air. A trip to Wat Chiang Man and Wat Chedi Luang is highly recommended.

 Koh Samui: Emerging beach destination

The island destination of Koh Samui charms tourists with its natural beauty and azure beaches. Beaches like Chaweng and Lamai are known for activity while Choeng Mon is known for its quaint surroundings. Tourists remember Koh Samui for its great nightlife.

Chiang Mai Waterfalls

So if you are planning a trip to Thailand dare to think beyond Bangkok as this country has more options  to make your vacation unforgettable, than you imagine,

Chiang Mai where every experience is real

If you are of the opinion that glamour of Bangkok and nightlife of Phuket is everything, you need to think again. Scratch the shiny surface and you will be amazed to see that true colours of Thailand are skilfully preserved in the lanes of Chiang Mai. And you feel the difference right from the moment you arrive in this small idyllic city.  With lush hills all around and Thai Wats in every corner Chiang Mai has potentials to turn even an atheist a firm believer.

Team Carlton Leisure catches up with charming Chiang Mai and digs out its hidden secrets.

What a Wat?

Temples and historic sites impart Chiang Mai an ancient appeal. With century old temples and stupas, the former capital of Lanna kingdom spells a magic on visitors. Wat Chiang Man and Wat Chedi Luang are major attractions.

What a Wat.?

Say hello to holy mountains

Doi Suthep considered holy by local’s offers a commanding view of the city.  A morning hike to the mountains is recommended.

Tusker Treatment:

No trip to Chiang Mai is said to be complete without having an elephant ride. If you have interest and time you can take lesson on how to ride an elephant at the nearby Thai Elephant Conservation Canter.

Gut testing adventure options

If adventure is your cup of tea Chiang Mai has a kettle full of it. Trekking, biking and rafting, the choices are umpteenth.

biking and rafting in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai offers an experience that is exclusively ethnic. Are you still missing Bangkok? No.